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EE 13: The Leverage Point with MC Carter – PARADOX

Time poor?

You’re not time poor, you are FOCUS poor!! My guest this week, Michael MC Carter is The Leverage Point Guy.

Many of MC’s clients know him as <b>‘The Leverage Point Guy’</b> because he’s great at identifying where the Leverage Points lie in a business, which are the levers that can help a business grow with the least amount of time, effort and money invested.

To qualify for the book mentioned in the episode go to


EE 12: Paying Attention with Susan Pearse Mind Gardener

Carren was away this week, being EPIC at the Wellness Summit while Michelle had a chat with her collegue and friend, Susan Pearse.

Susan is the Co-Founder of Mind Gardener and Co-Author of One Moment Please: It’s Time to Pay Attention and Wired for Life: Retrain your Brain and Thrive

She’s been a successful entrepreneur for 15 years and an adviser to small and large businesses on how to thrive, personally and professionally. Susan and business partner, Martina Sheehan are now the voice of a new movement inspiring people to act now to revive the dying art of paying attention.

Susan shares her story and speaks about how losing the ability to pay attention effects us and our success.

She also shares some tips on what Entrepreneurs can do to boost our attention.


EE 11: Finding Direction

Has ‘FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT’ done it’s dash?

Is real, authentic, congruent, connection the way business is done these days?

If you remain in ‘fake it’ mode you will burn out; over and over again.

You need to be your own flame and burn BRIGHTLY. What lights YOU up? How can you find that and then what do you with it?

Yes, congruency and authenticity may come with self doubt and questions but this is the only way your flame will continue to remain bright.

What lights you up? Come on, we would LOVE to know! Share with us below and show us your flame!!


EE 10: Thoughts and Feelings Create our Reality

Newsflash – Thoughts and feelings create our reality! Some of us are aware of this and some are just being exposed to this possibility. The idea that how we feel in the morning or what our mood is like can determine how our day unfolds is a bit out there for some people.

But our experience tells us how true this is!!

Have a listen to this weeks podcast and then begin to track how you feel each day for the next 3 days and notice the patterns of your programmed way of being with your business. With this awareness, you can change … or not.

We would love to hear about your 3 days and what you noticed! Post in the comments below and we’ll share our thoughts with you.

How to Save Over $850 on Back-to-School Expenses

The back-to-school period is always a significantly exorbitant time of the year for any parents. With the ongoing tough economic state, the majority of parents are trying to find ways on how they can reduce expenses on school costs. Being economical while educating your kids is all about being aware of your privileges and being knowledgeable about the costs that come your way. I have pointed out in the video below, which was taken during my interview on Channel Nine’s MORNINGS program recently, a few of the yearly back-to-school expenses together with a few ideas on how you could save money.

Back-to-school costs can get a little bit out of control. Here are some tips that could save you $850 or even more.

  1. Laptops & Tablets
  • Consider second hand – Gumtree, EBay and Cash Converters
  • Check warranties to make sure that it doesn’t end up costing you more in the long run if something goes wrong
  • Ask relatives if they have any lying around that you can borrow
  • You don’t need all the bells and whistles – something with internet connectivity is all you need
  • Check your data plans so you don’t get an unexpected bill in a months’ time
  • With any child’s computer make sure you have ‘nanny’ settings activated.

I made a costly mistake. I bought a $500 notebook and found the identical notebook was on sale for $125 at a second hand store!

Estimated Savings: $300 minimum

  1. After School Activities
  • Do your numbers and make sure you can afford it. It’s very easy to sign up for everything and then get stuck in a couple of months’ time.
  • Basic sports gear can be purchased from Target, Kmart
  • Check Ebay for affordable ballet shoes, football shoes etc…
  • Borrow from family and friends while your child ‘tries’ the activity out for a month or so
  • Check the activity centre for second hand uniforms from the previous year
  • Check your private health cover and see if there are any discounts available with their affiliated partners
  • If money is tight with credit card hangovers from Christmas, utility bills arriving – consider holding off with after school activities for a term while your regroup

Estimated Savings: $200 minimum 

  1. Stationery
  • Do an inventory of what you already have. Check for calculators, rulers, rubbers, red pens that you have left over from last year. Do you need another ruler? No you probably have 12 of those.
  • I call it Bright Shiny Object Syndrome- There is a lot of excitement looking at all the new things but ask: Is this something you need? Have you already got it? If so, stay away!
  • Protect what you have purchased so it lasts. Buy protective gear for electronic goods, wash out school bags once every couple of weeks, contact text books, book slips for books (spencil)

Estimated savings $50 minimum.

  1. School Lunches
  • Don’t be lazy. Being organised will save you a lot of money.
  • It can be too easy giving them $10 for lunch, but that adds up very quickly!
  • Single serve items like juice boxes, yoghurts, popcorn, chips etc. … More economical to buy: $20 popcorn machine and packet of corn kernels for $1.65. 1 cup of kernels is 5-7 serves.  $4.07 for 10 200g packets. $1.30 for 375g of UNPOPPED kernels which would make approximately 20 serves.
  • 1 litre tub of yogurt, spooned out into your own containers (or pouches). Tub of 1kg yoghurt $3.60. Get about 10 pouches from 1 tub = .36 cents a pouch. Individual pouches $ 2.29 per 100g
  • Sultanas – 1.15kg bag $8.16, sultana 6 pack – $3.20 – works out to $13.33kg
  • When you want an after school snack, don’t go to the bakery. For 3 kids that could cost up to $15 – stuff from home – under $5

Estimated savings $300 minimum

Did you see the show? What did you think? Please let me know in the comments below or drop by my facebook page and say hello.