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Kitten on shoulder

How to pack your bags and leave Grumpcity if you don’t have a kitten.

Naaawwwww… See?! You felt all mushy when you saw that cute little kitten didn’t you? I don’t know how your world unfolds but I know for me I can be completely excited and driven one moment and completely flat the next. Excited, focused, clear about what my next moves are and then in a moment shut […]  [Read More...]

What are the ingredients for financial fitness?

This may end up as the running theme for the next few blog posts I think! When you don’t have it you feel lost, not sure which step to take next, alone. Confused, overwhelmed, tired. If you only had some kind of a map or recipe to follow, you would be fine. Is there a […]  [Read More...]
mindset image

Sometimes you need to give yourself a good KICK IN THE BUTT and get out of your own way

As I pack up today ready for a workshop tomorrow, I’m very aware of how far I’ve come and how I got out of my own way. I’m a little bit excited … for 2 reasons. I need to give you a bit of background first. In my business and in my life I have […]  [Read More...]
Facebook Cover - Buy Nothing New Month July

3 reasons to have a crack at buying nothing new for 1 month

Have you ever been stuck in spending spiral? Most of us have at some time.  Walking around like spending zombies, purchasing shiny things, sparkly things, toys for kids (gotta keep them happy right?), going to fancy restaurants because you don’t know how to say no to your family or friends…? Any of that sound familiar? I […]  [Read More...]

Doomsday? Or Just Another Tuesday?

Here is in Australia our government is releasing the federal budget and lots of people are shaking in their boots about it. It’s a tough stance, but times are tough and someone has to lead. They have been using tag lines like: Budget Blitz (hmmm…yes, I’ve heard that one somewhere before!) Tough Measures Pain with […]  [Read More...]
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