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EE 03: Beliefs and Fears of Being in Business

Do you sometimes feel a fear of failure? Or is it fear of success? Are these the same or different? Join Michelle and Carren this week as they go down the ‘rabbit hole’ (a little bit) and share some of their own experiences. Does success drive you or fear of failure? … Podcast: Play in new window | Download  [Read More...]

EE 02: Our Back Story – Carren Smith

In this weeks episode we wanted to give you a glimpse into the entrepreneurial life of Carren. From Accountant to Recruiter to GAME CHANGER. Listening to Carren’s back story  is inspiring. Her life has come with some EXTREME challenge that have altered her trajectory, however she remains focused, determined and passionate about her international business. Podcast: Play in new window | Download  [Read More...]

EE 01: Our Back Story – Michelle House

In their very first episode (there may be a bit of excitement at the beginning, you have been warned!) we cover Michelle’s story including particular traits that helped her to be successful in business; self belief, confidence and stability. Oh my goodness, talk about sharing your WHOLE story – warts and all!! In this first […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download  [Read More...]
Kitten on shoulder

How to pack your bags and leave Grumpcity if you don’t have a kitten.

Naaawwwww… See?! You felt all mushy when you saw that cute little kitten didn’t you? I don’t know how your world unfolds but I know for me I can be completely excited and driven one moment and completely flat the next. Excited, focused, clear about what my next moves are and then in a moment shut […]  [Read More...]

What are the ingredients for financial fitness?

This may end up as the running theme for the next few blog posts I think! When you don’t have it you feel lost, not sure which step to take next, alone. Confused, overwhelmed, tired. If you only had some kind of a map or recipe to follow, you would be fine. Is there a […]  [Read More...]
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