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Diary of Jane Doe – Freedom Seeker

“Dear Diary  Why is it that I know I have this debt to get rid of yet I keep buying myself a coffee here and there.  Why do I keep ‘treating’ myself and going backwards?  How do I get out of this spinning funnel of debt?”   I was having a conversation with a client […]  [Read More...]
Money Minute - BLOG

If your standard of living has already fallen, you’re in for a shock I don’t want to be all “Henny Penny – the sky is falling” about this, but it’s one of those warnings that we get in life and it might be time for you to hear it. So this story landed in my inbox this morning and I felt a bit panicked. Not for me, […]  [Read More...]

9 reasons to get savvy with your spending

The 28 Day Challenge, Budget Blitz kicks off this Monday.  Here are my 9 reasons why you need to get on board. 1.Budget Blitz is NOT about budgeting - it’s about spending.  It’s about blitzing that crazy idea of a budget that you have in your head and discovering who you are, why you spend and […]  [Read More...]

With absolute despair and frustration I utter words that I never thought I would

Before I continue with this post, if you’re feeling depressed, stressed, worried or anxious you can contact Lifeline 24/7 at 13 11 14. Call 000 if a life is in immediate danger. Oh…this is one of those raw posts and I haven’t held back. If you don’t like the ‘F’ word, don’t read on. I […]  [Read More...]

New credit reporting changes are actually positive

You may have been hearing about the changes happening to the privacy act which will affect your credit report …or you may not.  You may even be thinking, “what is a credit report?” Well I was noticing a bit of excitement (or hysteria) about what was actually happening and what the changes would mean.  Not […]  [Read More...]
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