Open letter to my mum

This article originally appeared in Effortless Self magazine

So today was … strange.  Unusual even.

I woke up this morning and something was out of sorts.  I’m wasn’t sure what it was.  

Did I sleep ok?  Was it a cold? What’s that pain in the back of my knee?  I turned over and lay there for a while thinking about how I’d better get up soon to get ready for my live show that I do every weekday.  What was I going to talk about today? What would the topic be? What do we need to know right now – what’s next?  All questions that I ask my ‘self’ before doing the show. The show?  It’s an impromptu Facebook Live where I tune in and am guided to share something with my peeps for 5-10 minutes.

Wait …
What ?
… Guided?!

I know right?! It’s taken some time but I’m working with it now.

Anyway … back to the story.

So up I get, drink my chakra cleansing tea and then head into the bathroom pretending I’m some early morning talk show host getting ready to go on air … hehe.

I was going through the motions… you know, brush teeth, blow dry hair, a little bit of lippy and then I glanced in the mirror for the umpteenth time and then paused.

I actually paused and looked.

And I saw my mum.  Not literally. But I saw how much I look like her and then I started to cry.  The lump in my throat was squeezing my throat bits so tight … and then I realised…

11 years ago today.  Mum’s deathaversary.

It’s funny you know.  The first few years I marked it in my diary to make sure I didn’t forget and now here it is.  No mark in the diary but my soul remembered.

And today of all days when I’m on a deadline and have loads of other stuff on my mind.

I’m on a deadline to produce an article about my entrepreneurial story and all I can think about is you.

… I’m pretty sure you’d be proud of what I’m up to.

I have this awesome business called RICH Living and I teach women, empower women and inspire awareness in women around money.

Ha … stop laughing!!

I’m teaching them everything you taught me.

It’s because of you and your guidance in the very short 34 years that we had together that I can be a part of the change in these women’s lives.  

Women that have had their husbands leave them and their children with nothing.
Women who have lost children in childbirth, to cancer, to accidents.
Women whose partners have not told the truth and left them bankrupt.
Women who are on a mission to change the world with their gift and need help with the money side of business.

And it all started out with that wallet that I dreamt up! Remember – oh my god you loved it and you were always writing me marketing notes and materials about it.  “How handy it would be to have your budget organised in your wallet?”.

It was after you died that I bit the bullet and went ahead with getting them manufactured.  Your passing inspired me to have no regrets, to live fully and deeply and to have a bloody crack and stop sitting on the sidelines.

So 2 years after you died, Jonathon & I sold a pile of shares and imported 3,000 of them.

They helped soooooo many people mum!  Financial Literacy Counsellors bought them to give to their clients to help them get back on track, the mums at school, businesses for their staff and just people.  

And the television and media work.  That’s been fun. Over 100 pieces of media and now brand ambassador as well to some incredible Australian companies.

RICH Living Revolution has evolved into this beautiful … I can’t find the words.

It’s more than a business, it’s a movement.  

It’s a movement of women wanting a different way of living.  

Women desiring an enriched life.  

One that isn’t always about the money.

It’s a rich living revolution!

I’ve created an online school for people – Money School.  I know right? A school!!

Practical money solutions, mindset coaching and emotional healing to live a soul-filled rich life.

And you know what … I was hiding about it for a while but now I know.
Money is my thing.
Money mindset is my everything.
Helping women live a soul-filled RICH life is my obsession.

We never had the chance to talk about all the new stuff I learned.  Other ways to do spirituality.  

You might be eye rolling me at this point or have that smiling nod saying, ‘That’s nice Michelle’

I’ve created another program called The Alchemy of Intention (stop picturing me as a white witch mum) and it ties in with balancing and healing our chakras in preparation for intention setting.  I run that as a live online program (your head would be spinning with all of the technology we have now) wait for it … with the cycles of the moon.  Ok … enough of the moon and chakra talk (for now).

Here’s what I want you to know mum.

I listened to you.  I did.  As a moody teenager I bet you thought you were blowing air, but something sank in there.

All of those words you said to me when I was growing up.

All of those bloody positive affirmations on yellow post it notes on the bathroom mirror.

The weekend programs as a 15 year old learning to quiet my mind and go within.

Learning how to relax and how to find peace.

It paid off.  In so many ways.  I have a deeply rich life.  I am abundant and prosperous.

Thanks to you.

I never got to tell you that.  I never got to say thank you.  I never got to say goodbye.

EVERYTHING you taught me –

How to do a budget
How to buy and sell shares, property
How to change my thoughts
How to have a clear vision
How to stand in the space of full expectation

I listened.  It worked.  It works.

I followed my heart.
I kept coming back to flow.
I did drop the catholic bit though and went with Universe 😉

It wasn’t all easy though.  

It was tough.  

We’ve had SOOOOOO many tough times, but you taught me how to be grateful for even that stuff, so yes that worked too.

Jonathon stage 3 melanoma, business downturn and depression – grateful

$75,000 in business & consumer debt consuming our waking and sleeping moments – grateful

Jonathon’s dad dying suddenly at the same time as I was struggling and sad with a 3rd baby and no mummas milk to give – grateful

3 young children with no grandma, exhausted and no plan – grateful

Palliatively caring for dad as he died with lung cancer – grateful


Everyone of these circumstances I’m deeply thankful for.

Grateful that we live in an amazing country with outstanding health care.

Thankful for the trust and faith lenders had in us to turn it around.

Appreciative that we had a story teller in our family that kept the family stories alive.

Grateful for family. Without your passing we may never have had a third child.

Profoundly grateful that we had the wonderful, peaceful, loving and connected experience of caring for dad at home, his way, our way.  


They make me who I am today – a business owner, an awesome wife and a fabulous home schooling mum.

Those experiences are what makes my business flourish and thrive.

You left a legacy.

To me.

To your grandchildren.

And to tens of thousands of women AROUND THE WORLD.

Your 10 Ways to Win lives on – all those D words.  Yep, I’ve got that obsession from you.  Lining everything up with the same letter or making words stand for something. Like RICH.



R – Reduce Debt
I – Increase Income

C – Conscious Spending


Tune in.  Turn on.  Go with flow.

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