when you make a decision the universe conspires…

The Real Coasts

…to make it happen – IT REALLY DOES!

Time and time again I see this happen.

People make the decision for the lives to be different and then suddenly those Get Smart doors are opened and the magic is able to flow in.

I remember the time when i was really fearful about what I THOUGHT was going to happen in my life.  I would avoid opening the mail, taking the phone calls, talking to Jono (hubby) about it. I don’t know what it was but i just know that if i woke up tomorrow having not looked at it everything would be ok – not really. I was totally shitting myself. The more I thought about how shit everything was, the more it was shit.

After weeks, no it was months of the shame, the dread, the embarrassment of the situation I had got myself into something changed.

I actually got fucking angry at myself.  I woke up  and knew that shit had to change. this was not how life was supposed to be.it was like my inner compass was reeling at me and shouting WAKE UP this isn’t what life is about, stop suffering.

Hmmm… stop the suffering. hang on a sec … I can choose?!!

In that moment I could see that fork in the road – go left like you always have been (which is a circle by the way)or choose right.

I chose right – blindly and with a big cup of faith.

I jumped in boats and all and asked myself (I still at this stage had not connected with a higher intelligence) … what now?

and I cried and I cried and I cried.

I had know idea about ”what now”!!  none!!

I clearly remember thinking … well fuck I don’t know what to do now and I looked up (not a praying kind of persona at all!!) and said … I surrender. I do not know the way out.

And then I cried some more … yep it was one of those days.

At the end of the messy tears and the snotty nose and the talking out loud to myself, there was this calm.  an overwhelming sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I still didn’t have the answers, the way out – but it didn’t seem to matter.

THE VERY NEXT DAY … everything changed.

We were granted a grant (is that how you say that?) for our electricity bill.  All cleared.

But it didn’t stop there.  Stuff started to happen that you CANNOT I could not put down to coincidence.

I was offered a new contract with higher pay.

Good things started to happen.

Of course they did.

Because ”i” got out of the way.  I stopped trying to contain and control everything.  And the Universe had my back.

I made a decision.  A firm decision that I had had enough. And she took care of everything.

When you relax into life instead of forcing life to happen a certain way, wonderful things happen.

I’m not surprise when things work out anymore.

I’m filled with gratitude because it’s totally what I expected.

Are you demanding your life be different or are you still wishing?

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