3 things to consider about your money mindset

3 things for money mindset

Let’s talk about money.


Before that pit-in-your stomach stress surfaces + you start spinning out about the credit card bill you haven’t paid, the speeding ticket you’ve ignored + the school term fees you’ve got no idea how you’re going to pay.


It’s time for you and money to stop the nasty fights and to start playing nice.

Here’s 3 things to notice about yourself today when you think about money, when you transact with your money and when you are chatting about money.

Introducing …

The rich circle. The circle of richness.

And I KNOW you want to hang out in this circle.

This circle is about pleasure, not greed.
It’s about allowance, not resistance.
The rich circle is about love, not fear.

Money has three parts to it:

  1. Practical – the actions for managing money
  2. Emotional – how you feel about it
  3. Intentional – why you want it and what you are planning to do with it

And guess what? You ain’t going to be living a rich life unless these three areas are all operating in harmony.

So today check in and rate yourself on your practical, emotional and intentional performance with money.

Oh … by the way … that’s just tip of the iceberg.

Do you really want to reprogram your beliefs and habitual patterns relating to money so you can live a rich life?

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