5 apps to help manage your money


Love them or loathe them, our smart devices are pretty smart and are an excellent tool to support you in creating your soul-filled, rich life.

And when it comes to money there are hundreds, probably thousands of apps to help you manage your money.

I’ve pulled together my top 5 to help you with reaching your goals, tracking your spending and getting that money back that your BFF owes you.


is my all time favourite to help you with getting more bang for your buck. It’s a snazzy little investment app that encourages you to round up your spending and send it to an investment account!!  You pop in the details of your everyday spending account and then the details of the account you want to send the ‘round-offs’ to and you are good to go!!

FAVE bit – such a great idea to save a little bit without feeling like you are missing out.  I’m so happy micro-investing with Acorns  – If you join using this link, we’ll both get $2.50 as a gift! 


Track my Spend

2. Track my spend is an app created by ASIC’s Money Smart team.  Its super easy to use and helps you do exactly what it says… track your spending. You can separate your spending into ‘need’ and ‘wants’ as well as create favourites for all of those regular spends. You can also keep yourself in check by nominating spending limits.

FAVE bit – how you can see your spending and limit at a glance at the top of the app.



3. Pocketbook is for you if you are looking for an app that pretty much does it all for you.  It’s super cool because it links to your bank accounts.  It automatically organises your spending into categories and notifies you when your bills are due.  It’s designed so you can do everything on the go as you go – no more sitting behind the computer and tapping into boring spreadsheets!!

FAVE bit – how you can see all of your bank accounts on the one screen.


4. Splitwise is perfect for splitting wisely!!  No more writing down on the back of napkins who owes what.  This is for those times when you need to split the cost across your mates.  You could use it when all the family or workmates are pitching in for a present or splitting the costs across the household if you are sharing.

FAVE bit – the friendly email reminders – gold!!


Budget Goals

5. Budget Goals is like a vision board and tracker all in one.  You can post up a picture of what you want to save for, name it and set the target.  It also has the option to send you daily, weekly or monthly reminders.  You can also track expenses and income of you want to.

FAVE bit – I love how you can see what you are saving for as an image and then a sliding savings bar underneath for progress.


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