It’s Time You And Money Stop The Nasty Fights And Play Nice.

Because the bubble of comfort called payday, and the cycle of stress that follows when you spend money until the point where you have no money left is real.

The stress money is creating in your life is real.

I’m here to teach you how you and money can make nice, so you can live the rich life. And I’m not just talking about rich in money, I’m taking rich in purpose, rich in experience, and rich in fulfillment.

It all starts with money.

untitled-design-1Hey, I’m Michelle!

And it’s my pleasure to be your financial educator + mentor, and all round crazy friend who’s got the smarts when it comes to money.

I’m here to help you reprogram your beliefs and habitual patterns relating to money so you can live a rich life.

I don’t do budgets or SMART goals that stop you from having any fun. Because just like you, whenever I used to set a SMART goals in the past, my goals seemed to get further and further away.

It wasn’t until one day I sat down and started to feel something. I started to connect with my goals emotionally, and that was when the penny dropped and my goals started materialising.

I became the person that got everything she wanted, and achieved all her goals. Ya know, I become a master manifestor and money maven.

Now, I’m here to teach you exactly how to get everything you’ve ever wanted in life.

The money and the life.

Because you can’t have one without the other.

I do living, practical education, and visioning that allows you to master your money and finances while still enjoying the life, whatever that looks like for you.

Because Money Will Provide For You + Your Family If You Know How Money Works.

Here’s What I Know About Money:

Money loves you.

Money wants to support you and your family.

Money wants relief to wash over you.

Money wants to liberate you.

Money wants to pay for you to do all the pleasurable things in your life.

Money wants you to never, ever stress about it again.

Money isn’t going anywhere.

Money has got your back, forever.


Professional Bio:

Michelle House is a financial educator and money mentor, specialising in empowering women to live a life full of richness.

Through her newsletter, her signature program The Alchemy of Rich Living and her monthly The Alchemy of Intention Setting, she’s here to shake up your relationship with money, so you and money can stop fighting and start playing nice.

When she’s not busy manifesting money for herself and with her clients in The Rich Living Room or bringing ‘High Vibes’ to you on her LIVE @ 5:55 show, you’ll find her painting her nails all the colours of the rainbow, dancing around like nobody’s watching, even if her kids are, and long lunching with her business besties.