The RICH Living Academy

A Private Membership Forum + Online Learning Resource Centre Led by Money Mindset + Success Coach Michelle House

Your Current Thinking Is Killing Any Possibility of Having an Abundant, Prosperous, Rich Life.  

In an attempt to make more money you’ve turned into a miserable tight arse. 

The funny thing is: your bank account still looks like a broke joke.  

Real Talk Time:  

The way you THINK about your money is what will tip the scales in your favour to living the rich life.  

Because how you think influences how you show up daily in your transaction, business meetings, and chats.  

And all of this carries over into your bank account.  

So when you’re a tight arse misery guts, so is your bank account.  

Master your mindset and watch as your bank account overfloweth.  

Your Mindset WILL FILL your Bank Account. 

It’s time to finally give the finger to coupons, penny pinching, not paying bills until the due date because you could earn 3c interest, all-you-need-is-a-vision-board-and- you’ll-have-a-pot-of-gold, you-must-own-your-own-home- and-have-a-share-portfolio-and -don’t-forget-the-investment-properties financial advice, quick fixes, 6 figure income hustling and any other wanky money making schemes.  

Say hello to a cashed-up, loved-up life that works for you.  

I’m talking adventures and amazing holidays. 

A deep connection to yourself, your family and your friends.  

Your dreams and desires manifesting with ease and grace.  

Because when you live rich, everyone does.  

Join us to expand, grow and evolve on your personal, professional and spiritual dance. 

What to expect each month:

NEW MOON The beginning of the cycle, a clean slate for setting your intention. Seven focus areas are drawn to your attention to clear, acknowledge or appreciate as you begin the process of eliminating self doubt and limiting beliefs.  

FULL MOON After 14 days of inquiry move through intention to declaration. With complete faith and trust, declare your intention and release all attachment to the outcome.  

INTUITIVE FOCUS Strengthen your intuitive muscle by using the tools and techniques taught inside the academy. Be guided by YOU for your next level intuitive focus.  

FURTHER DEVELOPMENT Masterclasses, challenges and teachings to help you further enhance your personal, professional and spiritual development.  

COACHING + MENTORING Ongoing coaching and mentoring while you are a member of the Academy. Monthly 'Love Seat', Weekly Q+A and access to Michelle as you need.

What's it like being a part of the RICH Living Academy?

What is included in the Rich Living Academy

The Alchemy of Intention Setting LIVE EVERY MONTH Michelles 7 step process, aligned with your chakras for remvoing the limiting beliefs and negative self talk that are stopping you from living your RICH Life.  

Budget Bliss The ultimate guide to creating and maintaining a budget. Over 28 days discover how and who you are with your money. A no judgement process to becoming a conscious, guilt free spender.

Training + Courses Future training and course materials!!

Templates + Downloads A collection of templates and downlods to help you manage your Rich Life and be inspired.

HIGH VIBES Video Library The complete collection of Michelle's High Vibes videos for inspriration at your fingertips.

RICH Living Playbook 2018 The popular life planning playbook that was downloaded over 6,500 in 6 weeks.

Money Lovin eBook The quick + dirty guide to help you and money stop the fights and start playing + paying nice. 

Members Only Private Facebook Group & Questions A monthly topic to inspire and guide you as well as a private online space to ask Michelle questions about the programs and any other RICH Living guidance you are after.

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Preview - What is the Monthy Intuitive Focus?

I'm so excited, delighted, filled with joy and ALL of the vibes to lead, coach, mentor, love and support people that are motivated to live a soul-filled, rich life.  

Inside the Academy is all about removing the limiting beliefs and self doubt that's holding you back from living your best life.  

It's kinda like house-keeping for your soul.  

Evolving... growing... being... doing... all of those are verbs, DOING words.  

Soul enrichment is something that is required regularly, just like brushing your teeth, doing your taxes and cleaning out your underwear drawer. It's a constant clean up and check up as we continue to move forward.  

Each month we tap into and tune into our SELF. We learn, uncover and discover more about how we can continue moving forward, being of service, living a deeply rich life. It's our opportunity to clean-up, acknowledge and appreciate as we move through our limiting beliefs and self-doubt.  

If you've been looking for a space to be guided, accountable and that sense of belonging ... it's right here in The RICH Living Academy.  

And I'm there with you, every step of the way.  

I’m here to help you get some joy back in your life. 

As a money mentor + business owner + shall we say … financial therapist, I will get you on your way to living a soul-filled rich life. 

I make a full time living in my business all by flicking the switch to show you practical money solutions, mindset coaching, + emotional healing to live a soul-filled rich life. 

When I say money mindset is my thing, I mean it. 




I’m allergic to coupons, penny pinching, not paying bills until the due date because I could earn 3c interest, all-you-need-is-a-vision-board-and-you’ll-have-a-pot-of-gold, you must own your own home + have a share portfolio + investment properties to be happy fear mongering, quick fixes, 6 figure income hustling and any other wanky money making schemes. 

I’m all about you. 

Your life. Your business. Your purpose. 

Dread free, cashed up and loved up. 

I’m all about you having adventure and amazing holidays. 

Your connection to yourself and your family and your friends. 

Your connected, fun filled, adventurous and love filled life. Your dreams and desires manifesting with ease and grace. 

Because when you live rich, everyone does. 

The RICH Living Academy is where you can access my trainings and be a part of our RICH Living Community. You will also have the opportunity to be personally coached by me with whatever is holding you back and blocking you from living your RICH Life.

I can't wait to hang out with you in our private, members only group!

Retrain Your Brain For The Rich Life. 

// Get an ACCESS ALL AREAS pass to every single one of Michelle’s Online Trainings instantly so you can start today.  

// Learn Michelle’s best strategies and secrets for creating an abundant + RICH life - without ever having to be a tight arse again.  

// Have a place to hang out 24/7 with your most pressing questions, including ... "How the hell do I manifest $x by Friday?"

// Keep yourself accountable, inspired, motivated and finally have a place to work through your money challenges.  

// Cancel your membership anytime—there are no lock in contracts.  

// As soon as you purchase, you'll get instructions—and a huge, warm welcome from Michelle + the crew. 

Access to The Rich Living Academy IS for you if...

Access to The Rich Living Academy IS NOT for you if...

You are looking for ways to feel confident, find clarity and EMPOWER your relationship with money

You are looking for ways to save money on toilet paper or tips on how to scrimp

You need help with getting out of debt and to start saving

You are looking for a quick fix or magic potion

You are ready to transform your relationship with money

You are not committed to taking action and making changes

You're tired of trying to work everything out for yourself

You are looking for someone else to do it all for you

You're looking for a community of like minded, inspirational people living a RICH Life

You are not fully committed to living a RICH Life