How feeling good about your finances creates momentum?

There she was sitting there quietly on the sofa watching the latest episode of Designated Survivor, sipping a cup of tea in her pj’s, munching on the last Tim Tam … she wasn’t really watching.  

She caught herself not paying attention to the show and then tried to remember the thoughts that carried her away.  Had she zoned out?  Well no not really and that’s when all of the anxiety and stress came flooding in … again.

‘Take deep breaths’

‘It’s all going to be fine’

‘But you can’t just sit around here zoned out. Go and do one thing to help you feel better’

And just like magic, she remembered the email she received from Michelle House about the 5 Day Budget Bliss Challenge.  Pffffft… who says budget and bliss in the same sentence? Alright alright i’ll open the email.

She opened the email along with over 250 other people from around the world.



I’m so buzzed because people took action.

I’m so thrilled because something that I didn’t think would help people, REALLY helped people.  Deeply.

From little things like changing passwords to bring a smile on your face to the bigger challenges like taking stock of your pantry; the 5 easy steps each day created momentum.

The Challenge was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

People from around the world sharing pictures of their before and afters.

People raising their vibe about money.

People raising other people’s vibe in support.

Did you do the Challenge?

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