How being bored makes you poor

living with purposes

Previously on RICH Rachel (doesn’t it sound like a spin off show for Rachel from Friends? I’d watch it!)

Anyways, let’s recap.

Over the last few blog posts, you’ve gotten to know Rachel pretty well.

You learnt:

*Rachel discovered one of her money stories around money shame and self worth and could see how it was stopping her from living the RICH life. After clearing her money issue, she went ahead and paid off all her debts (totalling: $20,000)
*She got into action and practically learnt how to manage her money. After a short period, she saved $7,000 thanks to her money management skills.
So, our dear friend RICH Rachel is feeling really good, but there’s something missing. She can’t seem to find the money to finish her half-renovated kitchen, or do fun things like take that trip to NZ.

A few weeks go by and one day she wakes up, bored out of her brain.

Ding ding ding!

We have the just found the money issue we need to clear.

You see, boredom is that space you end up in when you’ve got no intentions or goals or purpose!

Rach started to see how she was stuck in this wake up, work, manage money, pay bills cycle. She had lost direction of where she wanted her life to be. She realised that she was feeling disconnected.

Welcome To The Final Money Issue Rachel Had To Fix Before She Could Truly Live The RICHLife:

Living With Purpose.

The final piece for Rach was to start dreaming, creating and setting intentions for her life. Getting emotionally connected to how she wanted her life to feel, what did she want it to look like.

It was time to start asking for what she wanted. After moving through other money shame and self worth beliefs and blocks, it was time to ask: what do I really want?
At first, there were no answers.

Rach hadn’t let herself desire what she truly wanted in the past because she never thought she deserved it.

Because we cleared her self-worth blocks, Rach’s mind started to wonder.

And it landed on New Zealand.

She has be dying to go on an adventure holiday to NZ for as long as she could remember, but it never happened.

She never had the money, so she stopped thinking about it.

With her new found purpose, Rach booked in her amazing NZ holiday without slumming it or skimping on the things she really wanted to do.

The trip totalled in at $5,000 and Rach even had money left over to add to her savings account.

Once she started dreaming, and believing it was possible, the things she wanted showed up even more.

She wanted her kitchen to finally be renovated so she could bake. Because baking brings her joy.

Once Rach reconnected with her purpose and passion, the money flowed to her to support her in living her purposeful, passionate life.

The Lesson For You:

You must live your life with intention and purpose.

Which really all leads back to living the RICH Life, doesn’t it?

Because RICH living is about living a RICH life from the inside out.

RICH living is about the small things, the big things, the luxurious things, the casual things – it’s about connection and presence, living in the land of high vibes, appreciation and love.

RICH living is about finding harmony not balance – there’s no tightrope walking here. Harmony is riding the highs and lows, being in flow and being ok with when it’s not.

RICH living is about peace.

RICH living is about what Jim Carrey said:
I wish people could have all the money that they think they need so they could realise that it’s not about the money.

But it DOES start with money.

That’s why I’ve created a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW video training series that’s going to teach you how to overcome your money issues so you too can start living the RICH life.

living with purposed video

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