How Rach overcame her money shame to pay off $20,000 of debt

money shame

Each morning, I daydream.

This morning, as I was drifting off to dreamland, I started to think about one of my clients, Rachel.
Since we started working together, Rach has totally transformed her life, and it all began by paying off $20,000 in debt, and ended with savings in her bank account, a renovated kitchen and an incredible holiday booked.
She’s truly living the RICH Life.
Now, before I introduce you to Rachel’s story, if you’re new around here, RICH Living isn’t just about money.
But money sure does help.
RICH Living is about living a RICH life from the inside out.
RICH Living is about the small things, the big things, the luxurious things, the casual things – it’s about connection and presence, living in the land of high vibes, appreciation and love.
RICH Living is about finding harmony not balance – there’s no tightrope walking here. Harmony is riding the highs and lows, being in flow and being ok with when it’s not
RICH Living is about peace.
RICH Living is about what my mate Jim Carrey (he doesn’t know it yet, but we will meet up for real one day) said:
I wish people could have all the money that they think they need so they could realise that it’s not about the money.
This is easier said than lived though. To get to that place you have to heal – heal your money shame, love yourself and know that you are enough. You have to implement great money practices and be consistent and diligent.
So yeah, money helps you live your RICH life, and the best place to start, is with money
So meet Rachel, a beautiful business babe who had a lot of money drama going on, namely, she never had enough money.
She had debts and loans. She had a half renovated kitchen she couldn’t afford to finish off. She hadn’t booked a holiday in years. She had no savings.
One day Rach woke up sick of her current situation, and that was the day she started working with me.
In the short time we’ve worked together, Rach has done incredible things.
Rach’s Life Looks Like This:
– Saved over $7,000
– Paid off her debts and loans: a total $20,000
– Finally upgraded her kitchen: $5,000
– Booked a holiday to NZ: $5,000
So, how did Rach turn her non-existent money situation around?
We worked on three very specific money issues she had,  let’s focus on the very first money issue Rach needed to resolve before she could do anything.
Money Issue Number One That Will Shit All Over Your Ability To Live The RICH Life:

Self Worth & Money Shame.

Rachel didn’t know it but there was some serious money history and money stories going on for her.
You see, those comments in the past that your parents or someone else said to you, they stick with you deep inside. Every time you try to make a decision, that money story dictates how you respond.
It was one of Rachel’s own stories that was holding her money situation hostage.
You see Rachel had a childhood memory of when her parents separated. During this time, her dad gave an allowance to her mum. When Rachel calculated it out – it worked out to be $12.50 per week. What Rach did with that calculation was to associate that amount with what she was worth to her dad. That’s right, Rach internalised this and began to believe that to her dad, she was worth $12.50 per week.
This limit was placed on Rachel from that day forward.
We won’t ever know what Rachel ‘s dad was thinking at the time and it doesn’t matter.
What happened in that moment was a little girl made a decision by turning a simple transaction into something reflective of her self worth – specifically, that she was only worth a limited amount of money. And this affected the was charging herself out now to her clients!
After we unpacked this story, Rachel started to see more abundance and prosperity blocks thanks to old stories.
As we went through these stories of her life, it became easier to get to the crux of it. And she could totally see how that scribbled calculation had ruled her money life.
The Lesson For You:
Go through your stories and start to look for the money thread.
You’ll find one.
This is the first step you need to take to living the RICH life, and it was with this step that Rach was able to pay off her loans of up to $20,000.
Sounds amazing right? It was! Totally, but Rach wasn’t quite at the ‘RICH living’ level yet.

This was ONE money issue that we dealt with, and there were two more that were about to rear their ugly heads.

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