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A Program for Practical, Emotional and Intentional Mastery of your Money and your Mindset.

It’s not about the money; it never has been and never will be.

However, this is where most of us get stuck and this is where we need to start.

Life is about beautiful connected relationships, freedom to be who we are, loving and joyful memories to create.

To begin with we need to have a sense of clarity and confidence. We can then use this as a foundation for us to bounce from in leaps and bounds!!

For me, rich living is about Living RICH – an enriched life that fulfills my soul each day. RICH Living is about living my life purposefully and deliberately. No more rolling from one day to the next!!

The RICH Living Program is a 12 week online program and includes the practical structure for:

  • Moving out of debt and creating savings
  • Planning and valuing the use of money – now and for your future
  • Preparing and consolidating your money legacy
  • Deliberately creating your life and turning your dreams into reality


Together with the emotional strategies that walk hand in hand with the above:

  • Money blocks and beliefs
  • Communication for partners and creditors
  • Your relationship with money
  • Clarity for your purposeful life


Here is what you get!!

  • 12 Weekly transformational coaching videos
  • 12 Weekly Money & Mindset Missions
  • Online forum and webinars
  • Meditations
  • Start up gifts, organising templates and much more!

If you are ready to TRANSFORM your beliefs and behaviours with money,

I invite you to join me in my next RICH Living program,

commencing 4th May, 2015

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$395 per month

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$295 per month

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