RETREAT … E.x.h.a.l.e.

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So here I am waking up to the most divine sounds and beauty of nature, retreat starts at 12.

It’s taken me a while to stop thinking… Do the kids have everything, will Jonathon remember to walk the dog, am I up to date with biz stuff … Thinking… Thinking.

I’ve been in my masculine energy of do do do for the last 6 months and it’s perfect that I’m now connecting to feminine, tuning in, turning on.

I’ve created some amazing habits through my education, my mentors, my coaches, the books I’ve read but it’s time for an upgrade.  I really feel like I need to up level my ways.

Yesterday I shared a video about breakdowns and breakthroughs and how going through breakdowns are actually really exciting for me.  Thought the ugly cries, the snot face and the and the blur … I love that I have peace and calm about it.  That all of my breakdowns these last few days are what have me sitting here yesterday and today deeply contemplating, noticing signs.

I mentioned to my girlfriend yesterday about how I’m feeling rigid in my thoughts and then you know what my fantastic amazing consciousness did? It sent me some dreams.

An old man and me in medieval times.


‘To see something old in your dream suggests that there is something in your life that you need to replace or get rid of (some rigid thinking perhaps?). To see an old man refers to your wise decisions (yes thank you wise one for showing me this retreat). Negatively, it may mean your unyielding ways and rigid thinking.(ha!! There it is).’

Medieval … ‘Represents old ways of thinking, old habits/attitudes’ … Huh … Well then that’s what my breakdowns highlighted.

OK … Being guided thank you.

Come back to the house this morning after a swim in the ocean (haven’t been IN the ocean for a year … Knee reconstruct thingy), thinking about how I intend to deepen my connection, tune into my body, use it as my guidance system. Thinking about how I want to do yoga again, watching people do tai chi on the beach, wanting to be flexible and strong.

Chatting with the girls in the kitchen and the gorgeous Meli draws me a card … Random … Out of a pack 50 cards she picks ‘honour the needs of your physical body, it is the sacred temple of your soul. Vitality, strength, body image, balance’

In the do do do of the last months my masculine energy has been on fire. I’m really looking forward to balancing that out with my feminine.

When we can step out of ourselves and reflect, contemplate, not be driven by how much money, how many clients and just be guided that’s when life becomes easy.

That’s when our lives are rich.

Thank you for your guidance source.  I sit gracefully in ‘show me what’s next’.


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