RICH Living Planner 2018

RICH Living Planner 2018 now live on KICKSTARTER

A beautiful and thoughtfully designed planner that organises AND inspires you. Begin 2018 consciously … for YOU.

About this project

We’ve completed the incredibly successful test run in 2017 and now we are ready to bring the RICH Living Planner to life!

The test team was filled with entrepreneurs, business owners, busy mums, personal trainers, coaches, healers + spiritual workers – we even had some dudes!!

This planner suits anyone who wants to live a rich and conscious life.

And you get to be a part of this creative process.


Here’s a picture of where we are going…

Soft, flexible cover + rounded corners + smooth paper
Soft, flexible cover + rounded corners + smooth paper

What if there was one Planner, one place where you could:

See below for more images
See below for more images

A Bit of Context for you …

Hey … I’m Michelle.

At the end of 2016 I began my mad panic to find the ‘perfect’ planner.

You know … one that EVERYTHING can go into and stops the need for me to be carrying around a diary, a journal, a colouring inbook, a blank page doodle book and my goals and intentions for the year ahead.

I couldn’t find one.  Yes there were ones that had goal setting in them, but I didn’t feel they aligned with busy-mum-with-own-business-3-kids-goals-to-reach-appointments-to-make-things-to-be-grateful-soulful-mindful kind of people.

So I made my own.

The Original
The Original

I really did.  Some might think that’s a bit out there, a bit stubborn even.  Can’t I just make do with what’s available?

Yeah … no.  I refused to buy another planner that only got half used because it didn’t serve me and my life.

So with a graphic designer engaged to make it up (which totally costs more than what a planner would, but at this point it wasn’t the point), I printed it off a the local printer and had it bound up nicely and WHALLA!! … Planner Michelle.

I was pretty proud of my efforts and as you do these days I Facebooked it, Instagramed … And people wanted one.

In fact … 100 people in 2 days wanted one!!  WHOA!!

Much to quite a few peoples disappointment (if that’s you reading now, you’ll be pleased) I actually had to cut it at 100 because I wasn’t going to have time to send them all!!

I realised that this creative expression was about to guide others to live a rich life too!!

And so began the RICH Living Planner Test.


Here’s some of the feedback.


For those of you thinking that a physical planner is soooooo old school, I don’t agree.The physical act of writing is better for your brain.


This Planner offers us a reminder of what is deeply important to us, it reminds us to focus and to create and it reminds us to live consciously.

I have created this planner again because I know it works and it helps people live a soul-filled, rich life.

I know (cause 100 people told me so!) this Planner is HOW you too can live richly and soulfully.  To inspire awareness in you.  To inspire you to be the very best version of you!

By backing this project you are helping me spread the rich living message to as many people as possible.

This Planner invites you to be aware, to be conscious of your precious time and to make sure you are spending it where you want to be spending it, loving up + feeling grateful your life and becoming purposeful yourself.

NOTE 1: The Planner will be available in a choice of 4 colours.  You don’t need to select a colour when you pledge.  We sort that out when we reach the goal.

NOTE 2: The cover is flexible – not too soft, not too hard – juuuuuust right!

Colour Choice Example
Colour Choice Example


The RICH Living Planner will be designed using Moleskine.  The cover is flexible, not stiff. It will have soft round corners and will be available in 4 different colours which will be Eco Sleeves.  A reusable cover, that you can reuse year after year, which is so great for the planet and it’s also good on the bank balance!

The size is B5, 176mm x 250mm.  Slightly smaller than A4 to make fitting into your handbag easier and bonus … it takes up less room on the dining room table or kitchen bench! It will be glue bound or stitched.

The Planner will have the signature peacock* subtly embossed on the front and inside the pages will be velvety smooth.  A pocket inside at the back, bookmark ribbon and elastic band enclosure to complete the gorgeous Planner.

Size B5
Size B5




Weekly Focus
Weekly Focus


Raise Your Vibe
Raise Your Vibe


Personal + Project/Business
Personal + Project/Business










Layout Examples
Layout Examples


2018 PLANNER The RICH Living Planner truly is an all in one. It is a week to an opening and is filled with these great features:

  • Yearly 2 page layout 2018 and 2019
  • Monthly 2 page layout at the beginning of each month
  • Monthly reflection question with blank page and colouring in page (to stimulate your creativity) at the beginning of the month
  • Monthly reflection pages to complete and celebrate the month
  • Weekly 2 page layout, Verticle, Monday – Sunday appointment blocks from 5am-8pm
  • Weekly space for: Focus for the Week, Gratitude and Appreciation, Personal and Projects To Do List, Celebrate, What Else is Possible
  • Daily Focus space for Mind, Body and Soul
  • Extra blank pages and grid pages to inspire your creativity

It also includes:

  • Cosmic Influence dates: Lunar and Planetary
  • Detailed information for 2018 and the Number 2 year
  • The RICH Living Playbook (Last year it was downloaded over 1,000 times!!) and we’ve made it part of the Planner.  Designed to help you to consciously close off, celebrate and complete 2017 while setting up a rich 2018.






I have created some rewards for this Kickstarter that include some of my services: online education, private academy membership and mastermind. Click on the images below to learn more.

You’ll also find the bundles include beautiful A5 ruled notebooks and a high vibes mug to bring a smile to your face and raise your vibe.

If you’ve been keen on joining the next intake of Money School, this is a great way to do that. You’ll get some extra bonuses.

And if you’ve been keen to join the Academy, that has some extra little kickers for you as well.

Mock Up
Mock Up







See below for details
See below for details




Does your business or maybe your boss want their company exposed to over 14,000+ women?The opportunity exists for TWO sponsors of the RICH Living Planner 2018.

  • One full page to offer a ‘high vibes’ message of inspiration or encouragement
  • Logo, URL + business info placed in 2 places inside the planner
  • Dedicated blog post distributed across social media and email (14,000+)
  • Logo placement on website and newsletter for 12 months
  • PLUS 10 Planners

* Why the Peacock? The peacock is completely stunning and walks with pride, dignity, head held high.  He is graceful, deliberate and confident. He reminds us about self-love, honor and integrity and to face our world with confidence and courage.The Peacock is the closest representation to the mythical Phoenix.  You know, the Phoenix that rises from the ashes? Each year we get the opportunity to do that.  To close down the past and rise up to step into our next chapter.

** RICH Living Mastery VIP Group Mastermind is powerful. When you get together with like-minded, highly-connected, soul driven beings – the results are BIG. If you are after the VIP treatment with me, and ready to take yourself to the next level you’ll want to be a part of my Mastery group. We do a combination of group and 1:1 sessions over 3 months and my groups are limited to 4.


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