Rich Living Reading with Robyn: 10th – 16th December

Happy Monday Gorgeous Souls,

This is a powerful week coming after the beautiful new moon last Friday evening here in Australia.  What intentions have you set for yourself?  What life changes do you want to make?  What do you want to manifest into your life this week?  Maybe you want to release all old belief patterns and create beautiful  new ones that you can enter in 2019 with.

Whatever it is! Continue doing the work… Grounding, journaling, using these Oracle Cards to help keep your story in motion and remember, this is not prediction it is more like a prescription to help you make the next right action.

Did I tell you that I now have a part time job again in the fashion industry after loosing my job in June this year?  Oh my, I forgot how busy it can become at this time of year where the gift of giving opens up and everyone is out and about in the shopping centres buying for their loved ones.

In this very busy time of year, there are so many people and so many energies around me that my #1 thing to do is to find the time to do the things that help me stay centred and grounded so I can be the best version of myself here with you beautiful souls, in The Rich Living Room, in my Wellness Business and in the workplace.

So how do I work with these cards to help me this week?  We have New Life as current situation, Never-Ending Story in protection for Hidden Influences and By the Book for Highest Good.

My story in motion:  As I enter into the busiest time of the year with my job and my business, I have to allow my heart to fill enthusiasm and let my light shine.  Share with others the love and joy I feel at this time of the year and rub those high vibes off onto others so they can feel the love too.  I am open to growth and the birth of new ideas and head into this week like life is renewing itself.

The hidden influence in Never-ending story in protection and this reminds me there are alot of energies floating around at the moment and if people are feeling a little off, or upset, or angry that that is not my stuff.  All I can do is be me and be guided by spirit, and give the best version of myself to them with no reaction…  This keeps me neutral and not become involved with the drama.

The Highest Good is offering By The Book which tells me to keep aligned with the Laws of the Universe.  For me to achieve my desires, I have to practise the Laws as we do in the human experience with rules and regulations.  It is a time to release any resistance.

Have fun creating your story in motion ~~  It is different for everyone. <3

Current Situation


Birth of new ideas; growth; opportunities; a breath of fresh air; life renewing itself

The Oracle’s Message:  When spring awakens the world, joy and excitement can be felt all around and in your very core.  Blossoms burst from trees overnight, birds return home and sing their glorious song, and nature is full of promise.  Miracles beckon all of us.  This is one of those times in your life when new ideas inspire you and new opportunities bring you hope for seeing your dreams come true.  All is well in your world, and you have the energy you need to feel renewed.  Allow your heart to fill  with enthusiasm.  Let your light shine for this is a time of good fortune.

Hidden Influence

#37 NEVER-ENDING STORY in protection

Self-criticism; the wounded ego; unnecessary drama

Protection Message:  This is a time to avoid drama at all costs, especially when it comes to other people’s “stuff.”  Your sensitivity is on overload these days , and your’re best served by keeping your distance.  Your mantra today is ‘not my circus, not my monkeys.”  All this drama will pass, and you will carry on, unscathed and blameless.

Highest Good


Abiding by social rules; conformity; respecting cultural or family customs; universal laws

The Oracle Message:  The universe works within a structure of Divine laws and principles hat provides a framework for human experience and evolution.  The Law of Abundance, the Law of Prayer, the Law of Karma, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Thought, the Law of Compensation and the Law of Nature are only a few that are known.  These principles create perfect order and operate with a kind of precision beyond human understanding.  Even revolution has its place in universal law.  Human beings, in turn, have their own laws and customs that vary from culture to culture and family to family.  Laws keep social order and govern behavior, reflecting a instinctive understanding that harmony is important.  This is a time to learn these laws and conform to them, rather than being the rebel and flouting them.  When this card appears, submit to structure and follow the rules even if then seem to make no sense.  Release resistance, for universal laws will correct any disharmony.  Open your eyes to those universal laws, and it will be easier to go by the book at this time.

Have a beautiful week!

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