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Happy Monday Gorgeous Souls,

Did you know that 2019 is the Year of the Pig?  I have just spent 4 days in Melbourne at my annual conference at Crown Casino.  Oh my goodness, I was in awe of all of the beautiful Chinese attractions that were all around us celebrating Lunar New Year. 

It was just gorgeous.  The Pig is all about “Prosperity and Abundance” this year.  What are you attracting into your life that is going to fill you up?

Another thing we have been talking about over in our Rich Living Inner Circle is the power of visualisation.  For the last couple of weeks leading up to our conference, I was visualising myself receiving an award for a particular qualification…  However, it did not happen.  What did happen though, was I received an award for something completely different.  This got me thinking about the importance of setting intentions and releasing them to the Universe and detaching from the outcome.  We have to have Faith and Trust but let go of the FORM we think it will be.   AMAZING HEY!

Receiving my Award

The feeling I have receiving something for the work I do to help enhance lives just fills my heart with joy.  I believe too that playing with my Oracle Cards and be guided by the messages I receive for my highest good plays a huge part too.  

That is why I love sharing Oracle card messages here with you also so that you too, can take the first steps of co-creating a life that you deliciously desire.  This week I have drawn 3 Spirit Animals for you to guide you in your Current Situation,  The Hidden Influence and Your Highest Good.  


Current Situation

#27 FOX SPIRIT ~ ‘Think on Your Feet’

Oracle Message:  Be alert now, for Fox Spirit has appeared, and you are meant to move swiftly.  Let this clever spirit draw out your creativity as you adjust to rapidly changing circumstances with resilience, grace and astuteness.  Fox Spirit helps you to think on your feet using your best judgment and wits to help you slip into a more advantageous situation.  Now is not a time to hesitate but a time for swift action of the mind, a time to think outside the box and notice the many ways in which you might make a  move, aware of your surroundings and always clear on what you deserve and wish to co-create.  Trust that your cleverness, guided by Fox Spirit will serve you well.

Hidden Influence

#34 HUMMINGBIRD SPIRIT ~ ‘Be Here and Now’

Oracle Message:  The hummingbird’s wings beat so swiftly it can hover in seeming stillness as it drinks deeply from a flower.  Hummingbird Spirit comes to remind you that the beauty and sweetness of life is in the eternal now, the timeless present.  Here and now, you are becoming the person you wish to be to have the experiences you wish to have.  Focus your energy on the flower before you, for what you desire is being provided.  YES, there are blossoms everywhere – the choice can be dazzling!  Hummingbird Spirit’s message is that you have no need to go about in search of something better for all that you require and desire is before you.  You will know this as you become still, feeling your connection to Spirit who loves you unconditionally and will always provide for you.

Highest Good

#4 BADGER SPIRIT ~ ‘Be Fearless and Bold’

Oracle Message:  Badger Spirit rejoices at your persistence and commitment to what is true for you.  Whatever you seek, your tenacity and faith in your partnership with Spirit is paying off, and the results will soon coalesce into form in your world.  The gift of Badger Spirit is the surety that taking a risk now and being courageous, fearless and bold will yield wondrous results.  This is a time to harness your will apply it consistently to the pursuit of your dreams.  Know that no matter the temporary outer conditions, you will manifest your desires in Divine timing and in the form that Spirit deems best for you.  Badger Spirit says you have what it takes to get what you want, so assert yourself.  Be fearless and be bold, shining your light as your purpose calls you into the world.  New relationships are also given a green light now.  Don’t be afraid to make the first move.  Badger Spirit love your brave and mighty heart.

Have a beautiful week!

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