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Happy Monday gorgeous soul!

Here we are again, another week has passed and so much is happening.  In my little world I am feeling everything is about expansion.  Expansion in spiritual awareness, personal and business.  I work casually in the fashion industry and am learning so much, I work from home with my online wellness store which is expanding everyday with new customers, I am expanding my connections in the Rich Living Room through my LIVE events which I just love so much and am expanding myself with Spirit Hive which I am Crew Leader for the Brisbane event.

Yesterday, Sunday November 11 we remember those who have served our beautiful country so that we can live this life of freedom.  We pay respects to those who have fallen and who have lived to share their stories.  It is close to home for me as my partner has served and toured twice in Afghanistan and even though discharged from the Defence Force, he still works away in security still serving his country in other forms.  I feel blessed and love that he has the passion to do what he does.

Sunday November 11 also signifies a huge universal energy, it is believed to be the number of spiritual awakenings and new beginnings. .  11th day of the 11th month of an 11 year.  (2 + 0 + 1 + 8).  This is a powerful time to make changes in your life, set some now intentions. New levels of enlightenment are possible on this day. Magical things are happening with winds of change.  Can you feel it?

What I love about the Wisdom of the Oracle Cards is that they are very much in sync with the energy that is around us.  The 3 cards I have drawn today to help, guide and give clarity to you are *A Change in the Wind in Protection*, *By the Book* and *Between Worlds in protection.  How perfect are these in relation to what is around us at the moment.

What is your question to the cards for your highest good?

Current Situation

A CHANGE IN THE WIND in protection

A sense that unseen change has been initiated; preparation for a storm; awareness that your plans are not on firm ground; feeling a shift; uncertainty about which direction the winds will blow.

Protection Message:  There are conditions brewing in your life you have control over.  Don’t fight them.  Change is inevitable and is for the best, the higher good.  Even if this storm blows away the structures you think you’ve built your dreams on, all will turn out as it should.  Yo will have a renewed clarity and strength to do something even better,  Spirit is your ally.

Hidden Influences


Abiding by social rules; conformity; respecting cultural or family customs; universal laws

The Oracle Message:  The universe works within a structure of Divine laws and principles hat provides a framework for human experience and evolution.  The Law of Abundance, the Law of Prayer, the Law of Karma, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Thought, the Law of Compensation and the Law of Nature are only a few that are known.  These principles create perfect order and operate with a kind of precision beyond human understanding.  Even revolution has its place in universal law.  Human beings, in turn, have their own laws and customs that vary from culture to culture and family to family.  Laws keep social order and govern behavior, reflecting a instinctive understanding that harmony is important.  This is a time to learn these laws and conform to them, rather than being the rebel and flouting them.  When this card appears, submit to structure and follow the rules even if then seem to make no sense.  Release resistance, for universal laws will correct any disharmony.  Open your eyes to those universal laws, and it will be easier to go by the book at this time.

Highest Good

BETWEEN WORLDS in Protection

Transitions; not quite out of one situation and fully engaged in another; temporary blindness; no man’s-land.

Protection Message:  Be mindful of your expectations.  This is not a time for guarantees.  Things will not go exactly as you plan or dictate.  Let go and see what Spirit has in store.  What takes hold in your life will be better than you can imagine.

Have a beautiful week!

Remember … if you would like to know more about how this effects your relationships, abundance or if you are contemplating a new direction, a different career, needing guidance with your approach to ANYTHING in life, you can book a personal reading with me.  Your personal reading will help you with clarity, confidence and perhaps even courage.

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