Rich Living Reading with Robyn: 15th – 21st October

Happy Monday gorgeous rich living soul!

What a week it has been with so many things coming into fruition and some co-creation happening in my world and in the lives of others.  I received a beautiful message yesterday from a lovely soul in here sharing that she manifested a part time job out of the blue, she was so excited and feeling very positive about it.  Manifestation baby!

The last couple of weeks have brought some truly amazing things into my life that I am feeling truly blessed and grateful for.   Michelle over in the Rich Living Academy  has been absolutely amazing guiding me through a mentoring session so I can kick start my creative juices and bring to you the love, clarity and guidance that you are looking for, to help you, live a soul filled rich life through oracle cards.

I am now a volunteer with the amazing Spirit Hive and just a couple of days ago I manifested a part time job, PLUS I am in Oracle School.  It is so interesting that when we set intentions, take inspired action, trust and let go of the outcome the magic of manifesting happens.

This weeks cards are all upside down which means they are in protection.  I love when cards are in protection because as they are here to serve, to help you avoid difficulties and to remind you that you are loved and guided even when you lose your faith.

Ask each question to yourself before reading the messages.  The first card is your anchor card, spend time here and then flow into the other 2 cards.

What can you teach me?

A LEG UP in protection

Receiving help; delegating authority; interdependence

The Oracle’s Message:  You’ve come to a point where going it alone is no longer optimal for you.  Life has a way of presenting you with the perfect people to align with who can give you a leg up during this next phase of your journey.  Help comes to you in all the areas of you life where you need a boost.  The trick is to accept that aid so freely given.  When you embrace interdependence, allowing teamwork and interdependence to commingle, miracles happen.  Now is such a time.

Protection Message:  Are you always insisting on doing everything yourself?  Do you have little faith that the help will come, convinced that the burden of the world is doomed to remain on your shoulders?  Your beliefs about going it alone need to be discarded, as they do not serve you at all.  Let others help you.  Yes, it will make you feel vulnerable to admit you need a helping hand, but to be vulnerable is good, for you have a lesson to learn.  You must let someone else assist – you can’t “do life” all by yourself.  Once you shift your expectations, you’ll be amazed by how quickly help arrive to give you a leg up.

What do I need to know?

YIN in protection

The feminine principle of receptivity; letting someone else make the first move; gathering information and taking in cues; the art of conscious allowing.

The Oracle’s Message:  This is a time of calculated receptivity as you gracefully await what is coming to you, ready to accept it when it appears.  Yin does not involve frozen dreams or even resting, but rather consciously allowing things to flow to you, poised to receive the bounty that will be made available to you.  it implies sensitivity as you alertly study the actions of others and contemplate how they will affect you and yours.  Remember, you must make space for miracles to appear.  Be the “shaped,” not the “shaper,” and you’ll see how quickly your dreams manifest.

Protection Message:  Do you have trouble receiving?  You stop the flow of abundance when you continually insist upon being the giver.  You can’t always lead, always give always teach.  You must be the student; the open vessel; and the one who receives the gift, gesture or offer in equal measure.  Open up and let love, life, abundance and Spirit fill you without demand or expectation.  Just receive the bounty that is yours.

How can I be more than I am?

EXCHANGING GIFTS in protection

The law of Giving and Receiving; currency; trade offs; weighing costs and determining value.

The Oracle’s Message:  You’re entering into a productive and enriching time when all manner of opportunities are being offered to you.  You have everything you need to seize them.  Yet in order to honor them, you must put in the time, exchange your experience and skills, and commit heart and soul to what you’re choosing to pursue.  You can do it!  You have what it takes to be successful if you align with the Law of Giving and Receiving.  You must engage in a dance of give and take, push and pull, doing and being.  If you let fear guide your choices, you could deplete yourself or create an imbalance.  This is not a time of just do, do ,do.  Use your currency wisely and be mindful of the value others bring to your life.

Protection Message:  Be careful what you pray for, because you just might get it – and then realize you don’t want to face the hefty price tag that comes with it.  You may find yourself in a situation you’ve always desired but know you will have to walk away from, or even fail at it, because you can’t or won’t pay the dues it asks of you.  If you want to be a famous musician, you have to practise your craft every day.  If you want to be a millionaire, you have to be responsible for managing the money and paying the taxes.  Even a windfall bears a cost.  It’s okay, though, because Spirit will help you achieve balance over time.  Another message here reminds you that being only the giver not the receiver plays out in many relationships in your life where you find yourself in victim mode, in a codependent dynamic, or holding on to a false sense of control.  Others may push you to continue to prove yourself.  The time has come to distance yourself from this kind of imbalance.  Being aware of the need for both give and take is the first step to your true destiny.  It’s all good and getting better.  Not only can you handle this, but you can flourish as a result of it.

Have a beautiful week!

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