Rich Living Reading with Robyn: 17th – 23rd December 2017

Happy Monday Gorgeous Souls!

Stop the madness!! It is the week before Christmas! How are you feeling right now? How much stuff have you got on your TO DO LIST?

I have to say, I have been very busy the past 2 weeks with work which is expected and am feeling somewhat exhausted.  And sometimes I loose track of time.  Sometimes I forget to meditate and ground. But I want to show up here with you all because this is what fills my soul and brings everything into harmony.  I am making the most of today to ground and meditate, clearing space for my intentions to come to fruition, catch up on some business calls and relax before I am back at work.

I put a post in the Rich Living Room this morning, asking everyone how they are feeling today?  The cards I drew for you this week are all in protection which just means that Spirit is giving you extra protection and letting you know a better way of doing things.  There is nothing to worry about.

Here is my story in motion with these beautiful cards.

Imagine in protection is reminding me to stay true to myself, everything is temporary and this is the perfect time to stay grounded in this busy festive season, envision the new and clear the slate for a beautiful prosperous 2019.

I have to honest, when I saw Treasure Island in protection show up I thought… Yep…. No mistakes…  Spirit is telling me to open the door and find the abundance waiting for me to claim it.  Continue working on myself, flipping the old limiting beliefs, always do the “housekeeping for my soul”.  Spirit knows!

Clean it Up in protection is reminding me in such a beautiful way that I AM LOVED!  I don’t need to be needed to be loved.  I love helping other souls.  We ALL have to do our part in “doing” the work to make the changes in our lives.

Current Situation

#20 IMAGINE in protection

Protection Message:  Illusions and wishful thinking rooted in a sense of lack have entered your life.  Now may be the time to see things as they truly are and not as you hoped or imagined they would be.  Release any fear.  Then envision anew.  Perhaps you are anticipating that something fearful might happen and re-creating that image of disaster over and over in your mind.  The universe responds to such projections, so be aware of the catastrophising.  No matter what, illusions and “awfulizing” are a misuse of imagination.  Clear the slate and stay grounded.  Stay real.  Only then can you truly have what you desire.

Hidden Influences

#9 TREASURE ISLAND in protection

Protection message:  Poverty consciousness and a sense of “not enough” case a shadow on your path.  These ideas and core beliefs come with a high cost.  Do you really want to proclaim yourself a victim of disappointment and failed expectations?  Are you avoiding success because you will grow so tall that others will want to cut you down?  Or is it possible that you’re caught in a fear that you will lose what you have acquired, so you hold on so tight that you miss the opportunities to expand?  You are challenged to change the way you see the world and move from a perception of limitations to a perception of abundance.  Take a risk, for you have nothing to lose except your confinement in a prison of your own making.  Open the door and find the abundance waiting for you to claim it.

Highest Good

#21 CLEAN IT UP in protection

Protection message:  Is it possible you may be focusing too much on other people right now?  Trying to hard to be helpful?  Does taking on what belongs to others make you feel needed or desired?  Perhaps you think it’s your calling to relieve people of their burdens, but what is the cost to you, and to them?  Don’t clean up someone else’s side of the street.  You’re not helping  by freeing him or her of responsibility.  You’re also not doing yourself any favors, and you just might be adding a even greater strain.  You are loved as you are.  You don’t need to be needed to be loved.

Have a beautiful week!

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Robyn x

Affirming Statement:

I think of myself lightly and the world deeply

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  1. Thank you so much this weeks guidance is on point I am struggling a lot right now, becoming a person at work I don’t even like and who is not me.

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