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Happy Monday Gorgeous Soul!

Oooh!  Happy days…. I am thrilled with the new souls that have arrived here in the last week.  We welcome you with open arms and look forward to connecting more with each other.  Every Monday you will receive your weekly Soul Space Guidance to help give you clarity and guide you on your path.

Monday is here already!  I am always surprised at how fast time flies when you are having fun.  What has been happening this past week? For me it has time of flexibility for sure, blending into my new hours at work, intertwining my business around that, spending time in the Rich Living Room, Oracle School and getting excited for our next Spirit Hive event in Brisbane.   The most exciting part is that my partner is due to fly home this Thursday after being away at work for 1 month.   I feel like I am a high school kid sometimes.  hahaha

I love that word FLEXIBILITY…Being able to be easily modified, willingness to change or compromise.  We definitely live in a world of go, go, go.  There is always something happening, something to do and with the festive season on us already, we do have to remember to slow down and take a breath and ground ourselves.

Take time over the week to ground and journal out anything that you feel maybe not serving you…  When I look at these cards, Exchanging Gifts in protection reminds me that in my current situation of all of this flexibility that I am open to the Law of Giving and Receiving so that I can enjoy the flow of life and be in harmony…And I have that knowing that when I come back to the present moment, ground and be grateful for all in my life then that will bring upon the Hidden Influence of New Life…Bringing together new things, becoming creative, miracle are everywhere, my light shines onto all who I wish to guide.  A feeling of renewal.  Remembering that for my Highest Good with Treasure Island in protection, that The Law of Attraction will bring my dreams to life and to flip any limiting beliefs that I may have of myself as this will serve me and others.  Have a perception of abundance and open the door and the find the abundance waiting…

Have FUN this week with your cards…  This is a bit like a prescription for the week to help guide you and give you clarity with taking the next right step.  Also blend in the 3 card spread I have done in the Rich Living Room and also if you receive a card on my Live on Wednesday Night at 7.30pm

Current Situation

#27 EXCHANGING GIFTS in protection:

The Law of Giving and Receiving; currency; trade offs; weighing costs and determining value.

Protection Message:  Be careful what you ray for, because you just might get it – and then realise you don’t want to face the hefty price tag that comes with it.  You may find yourself in a a situation you’ve always desired but know you will have to walk away from, or even fail at it because you can’t or won’t pay the dues it asks of you.  If you want to be a famous musician, you have to practice your craft every day.  If you want to be a millionaire, you have to be responsible for managing the money and paying the taxes.  Even a windfall bears a cost.  It’s okay, though, because Spirit will help you achieve  balance over time.  Another message here reminds you that being the only giver and not the receiver plays out in many relationships in you life where you find yourself in victim mode, in a codependent dynamic, or  holding on to a false sense of control.  Others may push you to continue to prove yourself.  The time has come to distance yourself from this kind of imbalance.  Being aware of the need for both give and take is the first step to your true destiny.  It’s all good, and getting better.   Not only can you handle this, but you can flourish as a result of it.


Birth of new ideas; growth; opportunities; a breath of fresh air; life renewing itself

The Oracle’s Message:  When spring awakens the world, joy and excitement can be felt all around and in you very core.  Blossoms burst fro trees overnight, birds return home and sing their glorious song, and nature is full of promise.  Miracle beckon all of us.  This is one of those times in your life when new ideas inspire you and new opportunities bring you hope for seeing your dreams come true.  All is well in your world, and you have the energy you need to feel renewed.  Allow your heart to fill with enthusiasm.  Let your light shine, for this is a time of good fortune.

#9 TREASURE ISLAND in protection

The Law of Attraction bringing dreams into fruition; the results of positive thinking make manifest; abundance appearing as if from nowhere; financial gains and the sharing of good fortune

Protection Message:  Poverty consciousness and a sense of “not enough” cast a shadow on your path.  These ideas and core beliefs come with a high cost.  Do you really want to proclaim yourself a victim of disappointment and failed expectations?  Are you avoiding success because you will grow so tall that others will want to cut you down?  Or is it possible that you’re caught in a fear that you will lose what you have acquired, so you hold on so tight that you miss the opportunities to expand?  You are challenged to change the way you see the world and move from perception of limitations to a perception of abundance.  Take a risk, for you have nothing to lose except your confinement in a prison of you own making.  Open the door and find the abundance waiting for you to claim it.

Have a beautiful week!

Remember … if you would like to know more about how this effects your relationships, abundance or if you are contemplating a new direction, a different career, needing guidance with your approach to ANYTHING in life, you can book a personal reading with me.  Your personal reading will help you with clarity, confidence and perhaps even courage.

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Robyn x

Affirming Statement:

I am filled with love and joy and feel complete!

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      That is wonderful. I am so pleased it resonated… What was your biggest aha…What word or sentence spoke the most to you?


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