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Happy Monday Gorgeous Souls!

The first thing I saw when I turned on my laptop this morning was this quote – ““If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.”    Wow!  That is perfect, I said to myself…  That is my intention for all of you, my gorgeous subscribers and followers in The Rich Living Room.  To awaken another spark inside of you, so you can receive the inspiration and guidance for your highest good.

Here we are already coming into the end of January and beginning of February this week.  How are you going with all of your intentions, desires and goals that you may have set at the beginning of the year.  Are you being guided and co-creating your life with your higher self or are you playing small still because of limiting beliefs?  It is time to create a clear perspective for how you want your life to be.  There is a lot of energy happening in the cosmos which is helping us.

My intention for 2019 is to have fun and play in 5 areas of WELLNESS!  Spiritual, Personal, Physical, Financial and Environmental.  I am truly loving where this is taking me.  I am able to create the best version of myself and to help others also.   i LOVE the cards that have been drawn today.

The first card is  telling me that I am here to guide and help myself and other people but detach from all the drama with Never Ending Story in Protection.  “Why” is reminding me of my purpose and WHY I love waking up everyday with intention to stay aligned with my highest good.  Frog Spirit is showing up to help me to let go of anything that does not serve me.  Remember, we are all human and we all have limiting beliefs and sometimes if we play small we may become cluttered with them and become a real hot mess.  So Frog Spirit says, FLIP IT, DECLUTTER and RELEASE it all to make room for the magic to happen.


Our Oracle Cards this week is “Never Ending Story in protection”, “Why”, and “Frog Spirit – Clear out the Clutter”

Current Situation

#37 NEVER ENDING STORY in protection

This is a time to avoid drama at all costs, especially when it comes to other people’s “stuff”.  Your sensitivity is on overload these days, and you’re best served by keeping you distance.  Your mantra today is “Not my circus, not my monkeys,”  All this drama will pass, and you will carry on, unscathed and blameless.

Hidden Influences

#31 WHY

Motives driving intention; the of knowing the ‘why’.

The Oracle’s Message:  There is great power in understanding your motives right now.  The Oracle asks you to be very clear about why you’re asking this question, looking for this answer, behaving in this way and most important, making this choice.  Knowing your ‘why’ is the key to fulfillment.  When you are clear about it, you intention will then be a magnet for miracles.  Motives define the nature of your experience – when you think about something, feel it, then act on it.  This invisible “why’ is the life-force energy within the seed, which brings it to life and holds the potential for growth.

Highest Good

# 28 FROG SPIRIT – Clear out the Clutter

The Oracle Message:  Frog Spirit knows that while all the other frogs are croaking away, this is a time for you to simplify and declutter your life so you can feel content on your own lily pad.  Even when life isn’t creating a total cacophony, we can become drawn to the excitement of lots of noise.  Then, the next thing we know, out schedules and homes are cluttered with commitments we regret making and objects taking up valuable  space.  Even relationships need decluttering, as they often become messy.

Frog Spirit appears to tell you to clean house- prioritise what you need, and get rid of or give away the rest, so you can have some space in your day and in your head.  You don’t need the old stuff and its stories shouting at you about the past.  Along with physical clutter, friendships and sometimes kept long past their expiration date, weighing you down with unnecessary baggage.  Now is the time to let go.

Whatever you need will appear when you need it, so release you grip on all that clutter that is making you feel anxious and burdened.  Frog Spirit wants you to reclaim your space unencumbered by should, oughts and could-have-beens.  Let go and jump – you are free from all that old stuff.

Have a beautiful week!

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