Rich Living Reading with Robyn: 4th – 10th March 2019

Good Morning Gorgeous Soul,

I love this time of week where we can reflect on the week that was.  What are you celebrating? What were you most  proud of? Who did you connect with?  Who have you inspired and who inspired you this past week?  What were your blocks?  All these things help us create our story in motion, rather that living in a static lifestyle where nothing is happening.  Using our cards can help us keep our story in motion.  There are always little messages that will help us with our next right action step. How was your week last week?

This week, we are embracing the magic of the New Moon!  I encourage you to stand on the grass on Wednesday 5th March and look at the big blank canvas in the sky where the moon is dark.  The beautiful dark moon is the perfect time to reset and set new intentions.  Plant those seeds on this day and hold positive thoughts.

Building Blocks, Between Worlds and To The Sea are great cards to play with this week as we unfold more of what we are trying to co-create with the Universe.

Current Situation


Strong foundations; a beautiful work in progress.

The Oracle’s Message:  You have everything your need to cultivate an extraordinary life.  This is a time when your focus needs to be on the foundations you build upon.  Your work, your relationships, and your very being are underwritten by your values, ethics, morals and core beliefs.  Are they still true for you?  Will they stand the test of time an serve as the solid grounding upon which you construct your life?   Now you are making changes that will affect everything in a positive way.  Your destiny is truly a remarkable and beautiful design.

Hidden Influence


Transitions; not being quite out of one situation and fully engaged in another; temporary blindness; no-man’s-land.

The Oracle’s Message:  Between the words is where you must let go of the tendency to make assumptions.  This is a time when you are unable to see what is ahead.  Cultivate curiosity, and trust the process of change and growth.  You are done learning the lessons of recent experiences.  In this place, between what was and what will be, is a state of making and unmaking and making again.  What is essential now is to admit not knowing.  There is great freedom and power to be unleashed.  A mystery that is not yours to understand weaves the web of life, within a Divine matrix of consciousness greater than your own thoughts, feeling, beliefs, desires and decisions.  The seeds that were planted in the past begin to take root, but what surfaces will probably not be what you expect.  When you are between the worlds, you are invited to see with the curious eyes of a child glimpsing a rainbow for the first time.  Do so and you will not be disappointed!

Highest Good


Being inflow; returning to Source; recognising how pieces fit together, a natural pattern of events

The Oracle’s Message:  Isn’t it wonderful when you feel yourself in the flow of life, when events and conditions seem to engage your in a way that is fluid and effortless?  This card reminds you that going with the flow is exactly what you need to do right now.  Ride the wave of opportunity formed by perfect conditions.  Allow trust and faith to guide you forward as you flow like a river into the sea of life.

Have a beautiful week!

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