Rich Living Reading with Robyn: 7th – 13th Jan 2019


Happy Monday Gorgeous Souls!

Has this past week gone super fast for you?  Wow!  I cannot believe 1 week of January has just about gone…  Are you focused on your desires and creating your intentions so that you and the Universe can co-create together?  The recent New Moon was the perfect time to do that…It is not to late to!  The energy on the New Moon is still around us.

What are you desires for 2019?

  • Better Health
  • Deeper connection with the Universe
  • Personal growth
  • Financial Focus

It can all come to fruition with setting clear intentions and taking inspired action….One of the inspired actions that you can continue to do is reading your Oracle Card guidance.  What this will do, will help you get out of your head and into your soul and receive the messages that will help you take the next right action step.  We can stop thinking about all the stuff that does not serve us, you know the fluff and the small talk…  Time to be expansive.

I have a BONUS card for you today as it FLIPPED out onto the floor… lol

I have clear intentions this year and that is to create deeper connections with myself, with Spirit and with you beautiful souls…  My intention is to guide, help and mentor with Spiritual guidance through Oracle Cards, Personal, Physical and Financial wellness.

Our 3 cards for this week are *DEEP KNOWING, * YANG AND *BETWEEN WORLDS and our BONUS card is *BLESSED….  How Divine!


Intuition; listening to the oracle within; empathy; hypersensitivity

The Oracle’s Message: Intuition is the faculty that allows you to enter into a dialogue with Source, the Consciousness that you are a part of but cannot see with the naked eye.  It’s perplexing that people are taught to ignore this natural capacity to navigate their journeys, to access their inner guidance. Know that you have an ability to read between the line and find all the truth that was missing when the story was told.  This deep knowing allows you open the door to wisdom far greater than what is available in the limitations of human experience.  You’re given information that may make no sense whatsoever to the logical mind or five sense but which is 100 percent correct and true.  The trick is to listen and then to act accordingly. You’re now invited into this sacred dialogue of deep knowing, so tune in and trust you vibes – they will be right.  Ask and you will receive answers from unusual sources.


The masculine principle of movement and creative activity; the power to make things happen; taking action

The Oracle’s Message:  Yang represents the power of action, the energies that propel the world forward, and manifesting thought and desire into concrete form.  Now is the perfect time to act, for you can easily build momentum and make headway.  What you want will come to fruition if you proceed confidently.  This card signifies new life and is a sure sign that obstacles have been overcome.  There is no reason to hesitate.  You are the shaper of your destiny now.


Transitions; not being quite out of one situation and fully engaged in another; temporary blindness

The Oracle’s Message:  Between Worlds encourages you to have TRUST!  Between the worlds is where you must let go of the tendency to make assumptions.  This is a time when you are unable to see what is ahead.  Cultivate curiosity, and trust the process of change and growth.  You are done learning the lessons of recent experiences.   In this place, between what was and what will beis a state of making and unmaking and making again.  What is essential now is to admit not knowing.  There is great freedom and power to be unleashed.  A mystery that is not yours to understand weaves the web of life, within a Divine matrix of consciousness greater than your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desire, and decisions.  The seeds that were planted in the past begin to take root, but what surfaces will probably not be what you expect.  When you are between the worlds, you are invited to see with the curious eyes of a child glimpsing a rainbow for the first time.  Do so and you will not be disappointed.

Your BONUS card is #22 B L E S S E D

Something wonderful that is unearned and unexpected; grace that is an unforeseen gift from Spirit.

Oracle’s Message:  There are moments in life when, out of the blue, it seems that everything has been orchestrated by  Divine intervention.  You feel blessed in ways that are difficult to express.  It’s as if the Red Sea parts in front of you and events come together to banish your troubles easily and naturally.  You know deep down you did not deserve any of it, and yet here you are.  This is one of those times.  Let awe and gratitude for all your blessings guide you now.

Have a beautiful week!

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Cards:  Wisdom of the Oracle, Colette Baron-Reid

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Robyn x

Affirming Statement

I am taking life less seriously and letting my Spirit dance.

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  1. This does really sum up what is happening for me at the moment. Right now it feels a bit “turbulent”, with so much information coming in; at times it feels quite overwheming.
    I am learning to trust my intuition and now realise that things are ok. I am simply in that state where I am “between phases; not quite done with the old, not yet fully in the new.
    Time to trust and see where my intuition leads.

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