Saving money made easy with the Stocard app

Recently Michelle appeared on Channel Nine News to share her love for the Stocard app.

I’m all about value.

You know me … not a tightass but a BRIGHTass – yeah baby.

I’ll embrace anything that’s going to give me bang for my buck AND make life easier – that’s RICH!

And let me tell you … I’m embracing any app that’s going to make my wallet lighter AND remind me about stuff!!

stocard loyalty wallet app
Store all your loyalty cards in Stocard app


I’ve got quite a few apps on my phone that help me out (note to self: do a blog post about your top 5 apps) but one that has prime real estate on my iphones home screen is the Stocard app.

Oh the absolute joy and delight I had when I scanned all of my loyalty cards into it and then THREW them in the bin!! No more searching for them at the counter while other customers and shop assistants look on with the eye roll and me going, “I know it’s in here somewhere…”

And you know what else I’ve just discovered?!! You can adjust the settings so that the app reminds you when you are IN STORE!!

Look it’s the simple things isn’t it.




If purchasing something in a myer 50% of sale gives my points towards a gift card – I’m happy with that.

Oh and by the way… new addition… OFFERS!

We’re the ones that have no junk mail on our letterbox BUT now I can see them in the app.

Super handy today to see the Good Guys catalogue on there. Now to go look and see if they’ve got that Breville coffee maker I’m after.

….. HA …. AND I was just looking at it again – it has REGIONS!! So my UK and US friends, there you go – something we can share across the oceans 😉

Stocard App is soooo cool I even jumped on the news to announce my excitement.

Watch the video here


channel 0 - stocard loyalty wallet app

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