Try this if you are struggling to pay the bills

Ahhhh… some quiet time she thinks as she grabs a cuppa and puts her feet up while searching for chill out playlist from Spotify.

She wonders where those last two months have gone … school finished, business quietened down and she remembers how Christmas seemed to fly past like a ….

She reflects on the fun catch up with family and friends, too much brie and Mojitos and laughs to herself when she remembers how her brother in law took a run-up to the slip-n-slide and went belly up.

New year was quiet and uneventful but she still managed a glass of her favorite bubbles with her closest friends and family.

And then it was into the swing of getting ready for school – uniforms, school shoes, lunch boxes, looking for school hats and water bottles, booking in for club sports and activities, all while decluttering a 4 bed, 2 bath house in the burbs.

She lets out another ahhhh and can’t help herself.

The quiet doesn’t last long.

She realises she now has some head space for herself.  Some time, some space in her mind to think about what she wants and where she wants to go in her life.

The good vibes are coming through from the tunes on Spoitfy, her mind is quietening down and she’s feeling like she might even nod off for a nap. 

Chilled and relaxed… seems like it’s been a while.

And then as if The Big Universe deliberately has in for here, she glances across to the bench.

It starts to happens.  It’s sooooo familiar.

Her heart begins to race, she’s getting a bit sweaty and she’s noticing her breathing has sped up. 

Over there on the bench is unopened mail, probably a weeks worth.  Maybe two.  She knows one of them is from the credit card company and there’s one there from the electricity company.

Its’ all GOOD … She knows whats happening and knows what to do.

She says: Change your vibe.  Come on you can do it… say an affirmation

She closes her eyes, takes breath and says: I am financially abundant.
NO I’M not!! She screams on the inside.
Some other voice, her inner voice/knowing/source:  Yes you are… everything is ok.. Say it again.
She says: I am financially abundant.
Are you kidding me?  Did you see how much money you spent over Christmas did you see what school shoes cost and what about the electricity bill – holy shiz how are you going to get that paid?!
Her inner voice/knowing/source: Take some breaths… all is unfolding in perfect time.
She says (with a lump in her throat and tears in her eyes): No it’s not!! I’m back here AGAIN!!  It’s the same, year after year!!!
When is it going to be easy?!  When is the money going to flow?  why does this keep happening??!?!

All of her practical knowing pops into her mind.  Do a budget. Check your bank statements.  Prepare a cash flow.  

She knows what she has to do, but she jumps on Facebook instead to stop thinking about the money.  All the while saying/feeling/thinking to herself…
just do a budget, go to your computer and do something about getting on track.



She calls a girlfriend, jumps in the car and meets up for a coffee.  The whole time she’s there she’s t
hinking about how much money she doesn’t have, how she really doesn’t have any idea where it’s all going and where she’s going to go from here.  

It’s ok… when I get home – then I’ll do it.

She opens the front door to the sound of kids hassling each other and makes her way into the kitchen.  Seems her magnetic powers are activated and all 4 of them are standing in front of her with their tales of the day.

Got to get to the budget. Oh, look … Baxter looks like he needs a walk.

While she’s out for her walk she starts thinking about the to do list for tomorrow for the family, thinks about what time to set the alarm for to get to yoga on time and notices that she’s thinking enviously of her neighbors with their new luxury car.

Must do the budget.  But first I need to read that article about turmeric or was it cayenne?

Oh look at the time!  I need to get to bed and get some sleep so I’m fresh for working the budget tomorrow.

Exhausted you flop into bed at ridiculous o’clock and vow you’ll look at the numbers tomorrow.

  • tomorrow comes and you don’t look at the numbers
  • next week comes and you forget to look at the numbers
  • end of the month comes and you remember you need to do a bank transfer, but don’t look at all the numbers
  • 3 months later your mortgage company is calling you wondering why your payments are late



Your fear about the numbers will not bring any stability or security into your life.

It won’t bring in abundance.

And prosperity will whoosh right past you.

If you are scared about doing your budget or worried about the money that you’ve spent … that fear is what is driving you today and tomorrow and forever.


You can’t do anything with scared.

You can only do something with clarity.

Get clear about where you are at.

Clarity = Awareness

Awareness = Choice

Your budget, your bank statement … they are just numbers on a piece of paper.  How you FEEL about those numbers is completely up to you.

I KNOW it’s scary to see a credit card statement at it’s limit and to think the worst.  Been there.  Remember … $75,000 in consumer debt we were and it was freaking terrifying … ALL. THE. TIME.

But what if you thought the best.

What if you could turn your fear into courage.


What if thinking along the lines of …

Great.  Now I know where it’s at.  What action can I take to not feel scared about this?

Maybe it’s doubling your payments, maybe it’s calling the bank.

Everything you want… EVERYTHING, is on the other side of fear.

On the other side for fear is freedom.

So hit reply and let me know the action you are going to take.  

Master your fear #richlivingrevolutionary.

High Vibes, Michelle

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