This week’s 5.55s – Giving & Receiving, Creating The Space For Miracles


In this video we chat about giving and receiving. There is a fine art to giving, it totally includes receiving.  It’s not ok to give, give, give until you can give no more.  That’s no use to anyone and your energy starts off high and then gets loaded with low vibes.  Be in harmony with giving and receiving. Enjoy!


In this video we chat about creating the space for miracles. Get out of the FREAKING way!! The Universe can’t get in and deliver to you if you are trying to control the outcome. Nobody is hanging over the rose and say, “come on suns up get cracking open those petals!!” NO!! Everything unfolds in perfect time, and so do you! Enjoy!


In this video we chat about how to manifest without fixating. Signs. Money School Signs. Looking for signs and manifesting. Manifesting is not something that you force, you have to have flow. Enjoy!


In this video we chat about financial freedom, what is it? When mum died surprisingly on a working holiday in China, I had financial freedom to cope with that shock. When dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, we were able to spend months with him through that process without worrying about money. What the f*ck is financial freedom anyway? Enjoy!

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